It was a cold morning; breezy and pale. The breeze left the door ajar, as if it’s looking for trouble, clamping everyone’s door like a ghost.  Adukè dashed out to get her clothes before it gets soiled. By chance, she came across a handsome young man, their eyes met and love happened. She quickly packed... Continue Reading →

Why I disappeared

Sweetheart, How are you doing?! This is my first blog post this year and I don’t even know what to write or where to start from. We’re seven months into this year and I hope I can still say “Happy New Year.” I’m sorry I disappeared. School threatened to kill me…and well…what doesn’t kill you... Continue Reading →

Just before we discard 2020…

* drum rolls * Here comes the prodigal blogger lol. They say consistency is key but somehow, I'm still trying to find a loophole to that saying. But what could I probably say that you haven't seen on Twitter or Instagram. It's a PANDEMIC ! Well, I'm just happy for you and I, 'cos being... Continue Reading →

We don’t talk anymore

Like we used to do. It's been a long journey. A rocky ride. Few months into this year and it feels like forever because a lot has surfaced. The pandemic, police brutality, massacres and kidnappings is a whole lot to handle. If only we could just press pause or stop, or maybe rewind. To press... Continue Reading →

R.I.P. Chadwick Boseman 💔

"In my culture, death is not the end. It's more of a stepping off point. You reach out with both hands and Bast and Sekhment, they lead you into the green veldt where you can run forever." Chadwick's speech in Captain America: Civil War (2016) Chadwick's passing is absolutely heartbreaking and unbelievable. Nobody knew he... Continue Reading →

Hang in there

Sigh. I know... It's been like forever. I miss this place and sometimes I lurk around and stalk myself to see if there's a new blog post from me to read, and atleast digest to keep me alive for the time being. The time being, for as long as "these people" keep me behind closed... Continue Reading →

Pain |1 year anniversary 🎉

Pain pushes you to the edge Pain brings out the best in you It makes the tiny balls roll down your cheeks It is strength In disguise It's a tool Use it There's power in pain It's what you make it It's energy ,it's fuel.. It brings out The undiluted creative we never thought you'd... Continue Reading →

You’re art 2

Dear kings, hold this truth and and keep it close to your hearts, as close as heat to fire. Let it rise above the din. Let it breathe through you. Embody it and stop running in circles . Stop trying to fit into society's subjective preferences. You're a man and you're best at it. You... Continue Reading →

Last Year Of Being A Teenager

It's my birthday today! My last year as a something-teen years old. I am grateful to God, parents, siblings, great friends, devoted readers to this blog. A big shoutout to Oyin Army! To everyone who has followed my journey and to you reading this. Thank you! There is something coming up in sight. But first,... Continue Reading →

How about No?

No? I said what I said. It's not a big deal, is it? Well it was for me. Saying no was hard. Like an actual fuck no! And, "I'm not interested" blah blah.. Yesterday, I lost all forms of feelings. My phone decided to travel to kiss the ground and now my screen is cracked!... Continue Reading →

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